BREAKING NEWS: KELONY® First Risk-Rating Agency has issued through the World Protection Forum™ its revolutionary approach regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the scientific article in the COVID-19 section.

The World Protection Forum™ publishes the KELONY® Risk-Rating for companies, the first index to rate the robustness of companies against Risk.

The rating has been created and is updated by the KELONY® Rating Team.

This work is donated by KELONY® First Risk-Rating Agency, in order to better protect people and companies.

The World Protection Forum™ also organises the world’s first Cindynics Courses, all year round. The Courses provide participants with the theoretical and practical fundamentals on how to implement the best risk defense strategies.

The World Protection Forum™ delivers the Cindynics Diploma, Science of Risk-Neutralization™ Qualification, which is already a recognised professional training diploma in some European countries.

Our future depends on our ability to protect the lives of each of us.

The World Protection Forum™ fosters and guarantees the right to live protected from Risk, whatever its nature: whether it comes from the ecosystems in which we live, from social and technological change or from conflicts of all kinds.

Global warming, pollution, cybersecurity, mass migration and Health are all crucial issues that have a common denominator: Risk.

This is why the World Protection Forum™ has decided to bring them together under the same banner, because only by joining forces and sharing scientific knowledge about Risk, we will be able to protect the lives of millions of people.

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