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The World Protection Forum™ (WPF™), the first permanent forum dedicated to the protection of human beings in all their aspects, is born. The launch will take place in an undisclosed location, from 21 to 24 January 2020, in Italy.

Based on an idea by the two founders of KELONY®, the world’s first Risk-Rating Agency, the World Protection Forum™ aims to disseminate on a global scale the discoveries in Risk Protection for People, Companies and Organizations through Cindynics (the Science of Risk).

The two founders, Angela Pietrantoni (CEO of KELONY®) and Genséric Cantournet (Chairman of KELONY®) together with all the Partners, Liaison Ministers and Companies adhering to “Life First!” values, wish to make the need to be protected coincide with the need of the human being to be safe in any context, from the family to the business, from physical to the digital world. Prominent names from the worlds of publishing, economics and culture have already expressed their intention to participate.

Genséric Cantournet, President and Founder of KELONY® – It is a matter of urgency to deal with human lifesays Genséric Cantournet, explaining the reasons for the foundation of WPF™. We are facing major social confusion, in terms of truths and values. There is a need to focus not on specific risks but on Risk itself, to neutralize it according to new strategies and to promote the culture of protection of the human being as much as possible, in civil society, companies and organizations, to restore a focus on the value of life in all its aspects”.

Angela Pietrantoni, General Manager and CEO of KELONY® – The key aim is to realize once and for all that, in every area of acting for the good of people and companies, people must be the purpose of people. The invitation is to embrace a new approach that give priority to a form of Risk Neutralisation™ based on overall non-vertical correlations, through new methodologies. Only a new school of thought on Risk will allow us to come through the fourth industrial revolution safely.

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