The 2020 event of the World Protection Forum™ has taken place on January 24 in Italy, in Padua, in the splendid location of Villa Rizzo-Correr in Ruban.

During the plenary day the Roadmap of the 3 Sharp Risks that humanity will face in the imminent future have been discussed.

At the end of the day, the conclusions of the discussion tables and the 4 days of the Forum have been presented. The first 300 companies listed according to the index of perennity and solidity in the face of Risk, the KELONY® Risk-Rating, has been revealed as a world’s first.


During the 2020 Event, the Members have co-signed the World Protection Manifesto, the first manifesto for the protection of human being, which represents the values around which the WPF™ community will continue to work and which will undertake to transmit internationally.


The World Protection Forum™ Members and Speakers, who are prominent names in various fields of the economic, political and cultural life, have expressed their views and shared their knowledge about facing risks to better protect human life.

MP. Angelo Maria Sanza – President of the World Protection Forum™
Angela Pietrantoni – CEO of KELONY®️
Genseric Cantournet – Chairman of KELONY®️
Maria Cristina Origlia – General secretary of the WPF™
Eugenio Occorsio – General secretary of the WPF™ and Journalist
Ivo Galligani – Partner KELONY®️ Étoile Level
Serge Bertoldo – General Manager KELONY®️ Belgium
Aurora Sanza – Honorary President Altran
Thompson Graham – Headmaster Rome International School
Carlo Romeo – General Manager San Marino RTV
Nicola Vanin – Senior Manager Data Governance and Information Security TIM SpA
Ciro di Carluccio – Senior Partner Deloitte
Jean-Marc Janaillac – Senior adviser to Macquarie Capital
Silvio Varagnolo – Senior Partner PwC Consulting Technology
Maurizio Miroglio – Miroglio & C. S.p.a.
Umberto Miroglio – Miroglio & C. S.p.a.
Nicolas Ballario – Art critic and radio host
Paolo Gubitta – Professor University of Padua
Edoardo Zanchini – Vice President of Legambiente
Michele De Lucia – Essayist and journalist
Oliviero Toscani – Photographer

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